Saturday, February 21, 2015

All Grown Up

Well folks, I guess this blog makes us official. We will be using this site for official farm updates and business AND for communicating with our CSA shareholders! 

That's right, our latest endeavor is a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) project. We will have 5-7 local shareholders who will financially invest in our project and receive a basket of fresh produce each week from the end of April through November. Don't worry, we will still be sending produce to Chef Adam in our kitchen for YOUR enjoyment!

In our last update in August, we had just finished summer camp and were getting ready for fall and for the arrival of Tristan Odekirk, our GardenCorps service member.

Tristan has been a tremendous asset so far. He's brought energy and vision and perhaps most importantly, Settlers of Catan. After a long day's work, we refuel and keep our coconuts on point through a stimulating game of strategy and economics.

With Tristan's help we were able to put in our Fall Garden despite being very pregnant! Everything looked great, 

but unfortunately we were too late in the season for our cabbages to head. We did, however, get a good crop of kale, radishes, bok choy, komatsuna, arugula, mustard, and lettuce!

Ironically, we might have sowed our wheat and barley too soon, at least for this particular year. It stayed so warm through December and January that we're afraid our wheat and barley skipped the slow-growing winter hibernation and tried to put out grain, then Father Winter came out with a big ol, "Psych!" and we were left with dying grain. But Spring always has tricks under its sleeve so we aren't plowing over them just yet.

I want to take a second to pat our backs over our first annual Harvest Celebration fundraising event that we held last fall. Over 75 people came to check out our farm, stir the pumpkin butter, milk Frank's goat, and share a community meal sourced from our farm. We raised over $2000 for CMAP and hope to make this an annual tradition.

Pumpkin butter cooked in a copper kettle over an open fire!

Hayride around the farm property.


We started our first seeds last week: red and green cabbage, red and green kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and lots of snap dragons (flowers)!

Other plans for the Spring Garden include: radishes, beets, lettuce, bok choy, mustard, arugula, Chinese cabbage, and I'm sure there's more.

YOU can help us this Spring by coming to our first ever Farm Retreat! We will be focusing on transplanting. We hope our starts will be ready for the big wild world and we can get our hands in the dirt. We will also spend some time exploring what transplanting looks like in our lives outside of the garden. The retreat will be March 27 (5pm)-March 28 (3pm). For more information, check out this flyer or our Facebook page.

Follow us to stay updated with the Camp Mitchell Agricultural Project, we hope to give more frequent updates about what we doing and how you can be a part of it!

Grow in Peace!

the CMAP farmers.

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