Friday, March 27, 2015

Bring CMAP to Your School (or take a real Field Trip!)

A couple of weeks ago Tristan and Doug went to Atkins middles school to do some activities with the students in the GATE program. They talked about different kinds of root structures of some of our favorite vegetables like turnips and romaine lettuce. They also led the students in a soil test, shaking a solutions of soil, water, and salt and watching the different elements of soil settle out. Sand settles first, then silt, and finally clay. This kind of test is useful especially for our cob building project. It allows us to look at how much clay and sand (essential for making cob) is in the soil up here at Camp Mitchell. Luckily we are finding some pretty good clay.

If you know of any class K-12 that needs a field trip, put them in contact with us at We've even had a field day with college classes. We can prepare activities and discussions focusing on any of the following topics: gardening, ecology, soil structure, pollination, use of local resources, sustainability, plant nutrients, bee keeping, poultry, integrated farming, nature/spirituality, and just about anything else you can think of!

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