Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter Star Rockers

Last week's snow melted so all our winter star campers made it up to Camp. 

The campers rolled up their sleeves to sow seeds in the green house: green and red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, chives, turnips, and birdhouse gourds. 

After sowing these fierce youth of the Episcopal Church set to work on our cob tool shed. We collected stones from the woods and packed them into our foundation trench. If any of the stones were too big, the kids busted them up with a sledge hammer.

These kids rock! My favorite quotes of wisdom from them this weekend are: "I like working out here. It makes me feel different." And "I always like working on the farm because I know what I'm doing is going toward something." I always worry that getting kids to collect rocks will seem like cheap labor, but then I see how they enjoy being useful ... And who doesn't feel a good after busting a few boulders up with a sledge hammer?!

Peace be with you Winter Star Rockers!

Doug Knight 

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