Friday, April 24, 2015

cob Cob COB!!! (Arkansas Garden Corps)

April has been a great month for our cob building project. Arkansas Garden Corps planned to have a gathering of current service members. These service members are serving at garden projects all across the state, so of course they wanted to get their hands dirty with CMAP. Since they all probably pull weeds daily, we decided to offer some more novel tasks: COB BUILDING.

We were so excited to build cob with the ARGC service members that we rushed the completion of our first stem wall. Tristan worked from 8am to 10:30pm and is now an expert stone mason.

Finally we got to slap on our first mix of cob!

ARGC Service Members mixing clay, sand and straw to make cob

Building up our first layer of cob
A big thank you goes out to all the ARGC service members! You did some awesome work on your visit to CMAP that will carry on through the ages.
If you would like to play in the mud and build a long lasting, sustainable structure at the same time, just contact us! Bring anybody you want. Kids will love it! Bring your grandparents! Bring your boss! There is something everyone can do to contribute to this fun and worthwhile work!

If you are interested in serving with ARGC or getting a service member for your garden project, it is a great program that I highly recommend. Their website is here.


  1. Are you guys doing any cob building in Spring of 2016? I have been researching about cob and other types of 'green building' for some time and I would love to get some hands on experience and get to know others that are interested. My 11 year old daughter and I would love to come and be part of a growing project and share with those that have the knowledge or interest on the subject. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

    1. Yes! Just pick a time that works for you all and we can put a layer of cob on. Warmer days are more pleasant for muddy hands, but we can do anytime the ground isn't frozen.
      Doug Knight

  2. Fantastic! Warm weather sounds ideal:) I have a few friends that I know would be interested in seeing what you guys are working on as well. I would love to include them, if that is okay, and make a date with you guys as we get a little closer to spring. I look forward to meeting you guys and I'll talk to you soon!

  3. Spring is finally at our doorstep! I have been thinking about a good time to get together and play in the mud. Are you guys still interested in hosting a small get together to build with the earth? If so, is there a Saturday that works better for you? I am open for anything other than the last two weekends of March and the first weekend of April. Maybe next weekend or sometime in April, weather permitting?