Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Best of 2015

It's been a while since our last blog post. I'll fill you in on the CMAP highlights from 2015 so I can tell you about some of the cool events we already have planned for 2016!

Summer Camp Highlights
The theme for last summer's 8 weeks of camp was "With faith you can move mountains." This is a good theme to accompany our cob building project, where we are using the mountain's resources to build a garden shed for our tools.

Every morning campers of a different cabin woke up early to do foodlife work. We stretch, care for the chickens, turn the compost, water, weed, and harvest anything that needs it. We also try to use this time to think about the relationship of food and life.

Some of our Farming Special Skills groups got to do some really neat week long projects. 
We harvested wheat, threshed it, winnowed it, ground it into flour, and made communion bread for the final service of summer camp. Other groups focused on perfecting their pickling and food preservation techniques. We also picked, shelled, cooked, and served purple hull peas to our peers.

Our Robert R. Brown campers had a blast helping us finish up our cabbage, onion, and radish harvest.

We had the youth group come from Grace/St. Luke's in Memphis for three days of full on farm fun! They harvested and prepared all the food for our dinner from our garden. 

In August, our full-time Garden Corps Service Member, Tristan Odekirk, finished up his 1700 hours of service to Camp Mitchell Ag Project! He enjoyed work with the project so much that he's still here volunteering! We really pulled some amazing events and projects together this year with Tristan's help. If you want to be our next long term volunteer, contact us immediately! ( farmdirector@arkansas.anglican.org)
We ran a small CSA this year and managed to sell four subscriptions. Each received a weekly grocery bag of the best veggies we had in the field from April through November. 

We hosted a small yet spectacular Harvest Celebration Dinner, where we ate a meal that was prepared only using veggies and chickens that CMAP grew.

 Alleluia, 2015 was a wonderful second year for CMAP. Now, On to 2016.

To see our 2016 Calendar of Events click here!

Doug Knight
Farm Director
Camp Mitchell Agricultural Project

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