Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Farm Update

The Seasonal Field

April Farm Update

Greetings Farm Fans!

This month has been very exciting. All the sowing, bed prep, compost spreading, bed making, and transplanting that we have been doing since January is starting to pay off. We are taking our first baskets to the Petit Jean Farmer's Market on Saturdays, and our first CSA shares go out in just a few days.  Both the CSA and Farmer's Market crops are going to consist of lettuce mixes, spinach, Swiss chard, mustard greens, asparagus, parsley, oregano, pac choi, and perhaps radish.


Alas, the blueberries are still not ready (yes, I know).

This month we have seen a lot of volunteer help up here at Camp Mitchell:

  • We've had lots of help planting onions and placing row cover from youth groups at St. Peter's Conway and St. John's Fort Smith.

Youth Group Volunteers
    • Harold Hedges and the Camp Mitchell Volunteer Corps. continue to come out the first Saturday of every month.

    Volunteer & Pulled Weed
      • The Physics club from University of Central Arkansas came up and helped build another hydroponic pond!

      New Hydroponic Pond
        • The Extension Homemakers here on the mountain top helped us to get our hands on an incubator so that we can hatch some of our chicken's eggs this summer!

        Our Chickens
          • We hosted two families who wanted to come up and learn about cob building. They helped us put another layer of cob on our garden shed.
          Mixing Cob

          Someone's Excited!

          We couldn't have done it without y'all! So I dedicate this photo of our compost pile to you. It is covered in seedlings of last year's sunflowers, moonflowers, tomatoes, and squash.  Something you may not know is that anything that sprouts in your garden that you did not plant is called a "volunteer," so all of the plants growing in the compost are volunteers as well!  Just as the volunteers help the farm prosper, so do the volunteer plants in the compost.

          Volunteers in the Compost Pile

          Happy farming and joyous dining to all,

          The CMAP Team
          Camp Mitchell Agricultural Project

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