Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm...

Grace Episcopal Church of Siloam Springs, AR came up for a parish retreat. We were able to provide salad greens and radishes for the salad bar.  The kids of the retreat enjoyed visiting the chicken coop, looking for eggs, picking up the chickens, and feeding them scraps of lettuce and watermelon from the kitchen. We also got to build cob with the kids, which was awesome! They made some great cob for us, but they also had fun!  The kids ended up playing and dancing in the mud -- completely covered in clay --  and turning the water hose on each other to get cleaned off.

The cob wall is getting higher and higher!
 The Petit Jean chapter of Extension Homemakers Association helped us buy an egg incubator.  We put 6 eggs in it this week.  The egg incubator will help keep the eggs at the best temperature to hatch on time.

Exactly what it says

Incubating Eggs

Luckily we were able to harvest and market a lot of lettuce at Petit Jean Farmer's Market this Saturday, and in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  The Farmer's Market is the first Saturday of every month at 1039 Win Rock Drive, Morrilton 72110.  On most other days the owner of the venue, Ed Martzof, sells honey and cheese there.

Just look at it.

It's only $2 ;)

Not everything is positive here at the farm, however.  This hot weather  we've been having is worrisome for us. Lots of late spring veggies that typically mature around this time will start to "bolt" if hot weather comes too soon. Bolting is when a vegetable like radish, cabbage, turnip, spinach, lettuce, or arugula stops making tender, leafy greens.  The leaves get tough and bitter, and the plant puts up a thick stalk that flowers and seeds. We are unable to sell it at this point. Here is a picture of a row of Chinese Cabbage starting to bolt up with yellow flowers:

Bolting Lettuce

May your table be blessed with bounty till we meet again!

The CMAP Team

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