Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quiet Week

Not much is going on this week, just "making sure everything stays alive," as Americorps volunteer Ttristan Odekirk says.  That means a lot of weeding and monitoring crops.  Yesterday, Tristan and Lauren weeded most of the field.  Often, unwanted plants and clover left over from the winter grow around our crops and in between the permanent rows, so we use hoes to quickly cut the weeds off from their roots before they can seed and reproduce.  Otherwise, the weeds could compete with the crops for nourishment and potentially choke them out.

Sharpening the hoe is always important!
We needed to pay special attention to the side of the field that in starting to produce crops (the left side). It took a few hours, but the crops are safe for now! 
Weeding the Permanent Rows
Gotta get in between those plants!
And in between, of course.

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