Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend Counselor Orientation

This Memorial Day weekend on Saturday, the counselors for this summer attended an orientation acquainting them to the farm.  Some of them had never been a counselor here before, some had, but all had a good time.

About to Start the Tour
We started out by being introduced to the flower and herb garden, and then the chicken coop.  Doug and Tristan pointed out the identity of some of the plants as counselors-to-be explored.  Doug also pointed out one danger of the garden is that the dividers surrounding the plots are often home to fire ants, so don't walk on them too much (keep that in mind if you're ever there, dear reader).  One man called Justin was extremely impressed by the fresh asparagus.

Fresh, Garden Asparagus
A few counselors-to-be explored the chicken coop, but not before learning a little bit about the circle of life.  A mysterious animal had killed one chicken in the night as it has a few other nights recently.  It fed itself just like we feed ourselves on other animals.

Memory Eternal
Next, we learned about how the counselors should take the children to put food waste into the compost pile.

Tending the Compost Pile is Very Important
Lastly, we went to the field so that the counselors-to-be could learn their duties in regards to taking the kids to the field to pick things and weed.  They also picked and cleaned some kale and garlic for them to eat later.  We concluded by looking at the blueberry and red blackberry patch and the apiaries.  I asked the counselors-to-be to send me any stories or pictures they wanted on the blog.

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