Monday, June 27, 2016

Primary Camp

Last week we held Primary Camp (i.e. 2nd through 4th grade).  Something that we are very tickled about is the fact that we had more kiddos sign up for agriculture as a special skill than for sports!

Trying Kale

Here's their schedule for last week:

Free Choice: Scarecrow building
Special Skill: Planting beans and sunflowers

These scarecrows are to guard the new sunflowers.
Free Choice: Bug hunt
Special Skill: Honey harvest (yes, we are still doing that)

A Hornworm in the Tomatoes

Free Choice: Harvest
Special Skill: Threshing wheat (that is to say separating the edible part of the grain from the inedible chaff that surrounds it)

Free Choice: Cob Building
Special Skill: Baking bread

Making Dough

The bread we made from our wheat and honey was used in the Eucharist in the closing service of camp.

They also built us another layer of cob for our outdoor learning center on Tuesday.

Picture Courtesy of Rebekah Smith

In other news, the adorable chick that recently hatched is growing, and is currently housed in its own protective cage!


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