Monday, July 25, 2016

Dick Johnson Children's Camp & Chicken Disappearances

Unfortunately, my phone is being extremely uncooperative today, so there will be no pictures in this post for the time being.

Last week the Dick Johnson Children's Camp came to have their 2016 camp at Camp Mitchell!  This camp is a camp for children whose parents have been incarcerated.  They participated in all of the farm activities available to regular Camp Mitchell campers: Food Life, Free Choice, and Special Skill.

The Food Life group was able to witness our beekeepers retrieve honeycombs from the hives, and helped them harvest some of the honey from them.  They learned all about bees and honey!

During all of Wednesday's activities, the campers helped feed the chickens, wash the chickens' water through.  Next was the greenhouse.  There, they learned about the hydroponic lettuce, what it means for a plant to "bolt,' picked lettuce, and got rid of caterpillars.

Then, they learned about the various herbs in the herb garden and the plums in the orchard, and sampled many of them.

Last but not least, the helped us shell some of the purple hull peas we have, which we gave to the kitchen to use in meals.

Sadly, one of our chickens died of old age overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, and Buttercup, our favorite chicken, disappeared from the coop even though our foxproof door additions were secure.  There were no feathers or anything!

We will probably get new chickens soon, as it is nearing time to turn most of the current ones (sans the rooster and the chicks, presumably) into soup.  Something ends, something begins and all that.

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