Monday, July 18, 2016

Inside Wednesday's Food Life

For those not in the know, Food Life is the hour-long activity that two groups of campers (one boy cabin and one girl cabin) must partake in each morning.  The activities are decided on by Maggie Israel and Doug Knight, and are much the same as Free Choice or Special Skill activities.  We do it in order to make sure that all campers experience parts of the food cycle that they might not experience.

On Wednesday of last week, the activities included pulling up some sunflowers in order to provide room for the other flowers, getting worms off the tomatoes, picking tomatoes and green peas, and weeding the basil and tomato patches in the garden.

Maggie and Doug took a little break from the campers in order to start to make a chicken tractor.  A chicken tractor is essentially a mobile chicken cage that can be drug behind a tractor so that the chickens can eat grass and bugs in new and exciting areas!  Ideally some of those areas will be the area between rows that need to be weeded.

One problem that we need to solve before we finish, however, is how to design the sides of the tractor so that we can drag it over the curved ground of the field, but so that the chickens can't crawl out. 

One thing we considered was a flap around the door.
After lunch that day, campers helped pick the ripe eggplants, tomatoes, and purple hull peas -- the ripe vegetables that would have gone to waste without more people to harvest.  they also picked a few things they wanted to taste for themselves, like sunflower seeds, basil, bell peppers, and lemon cucumber!

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