Monday, July 11, 2016

Seattle Youth on a Social Justice Pilgrimmage

This Saturday, a group of Episcopalian youth stopped by our farm on their trek across the country for the purpose of learning about social justice causes.  Now in the South, they are calling this part of their youth group trip "Southern Social Justice Experience." 

S.S.J.E. started in Memphis, and they visited such interesting sites as the Civil Rights Museum, Central High, Lucy's Place, and the Clinton Library.  The day before, LaVerne Bell-Tolliver came ans spoke to them.  She is a woman who was one of the 25 black students who enrolled in junior high schools throughout the Little Rock School District in 1961 and 1962, an operation which many of the students were unaware of.  It was also the first time in the South for many of the students.

They started out by helping us harvest some tomatoes, purple hull peas, and carrots that had bolted. 

Then, they broke into three groups to discuss the questions on the issue of world hunger shouted by Doug.  The questions were:
  1. Who deserves to eat?
  2. In nature, who deserves to eat?
  3. What is good food?
 The consensus among the Episcopalians for the three questions seemed to be:
  1. Everyone -- food should be distributed according to people's nutritional needs.
  2. In Nature, it is survival of the fittest.  Humans are on the top of the food chain because we have superior brains, and when we get too populous, we will die out.
  3. That depends on your perspective -- taste depends on culture and personal preferences, healthy food is objectively good, and foods that you need based on your nutritional needs are good. 

We were very excited to get to host a group of students to lead a discussion of food, since doing so to help people see food as a relationship is the point of the farm!

Then, the students had more fun on the farm by attempting to pet the chickens (unfortunately most of them were not feeling cuddly), and hanging out in the herb garden. 

To conclude, the students washed the vegetables they harvested for themselves and put them in their sandwiches. 

The students had a delicious lunch and a lot of fun!  We  hope they return again!

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