Monday, August 29, 2016

They Grow Up So Fast

The chicks had their first day in the big yard with the big chickens last week!

They grow up so fast...

Our peppers are finally coming on really well, which is a relief after the tomatoes didn't do as well as we'd like.  They were ravaged by caterpillars, and many split after all of the rain.  We're getting a lot of good lunchbox peppers.

The habanero peppers Doug planted last year are a strange red color.  We think they probably cross-pollinated with some other peppers, so it'll be interesting to see what they taste like.

Mystery Pepper
The purple hull peas are doing very well, as per usual.  PHP's are really a great crop!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More Chicks!

Last week was the last week of summer camp.  We're sad to see it go, but everything needs an end to start again!
The plum tree
The plum was harvested last week by two hard-working campers.  Those campers also made peach pie for everyone!

Unfortunately, the vixen has found a way into the chicks' old enclosure, so we've had more chicken losses.  Luckily, 5 out of the 8 chicks we recently hatched have made it, and we've created a new enclosure using Carabiner hooks, which have seemed to work in the past.  Hopefully this one will be fox-proof.

Meanwhile, the purple hull peas are still producing like crazy!  Also, the chicken tractor is progressing slowly but surely.  Soon, we should have a mobile chicken command center.

Next week, we plan on starting a monthly volunteer program where youth help us with maintenance.. They will be helping us keep up the garden in Tristan's absence.  We encourage all readers to join in!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chicken Models and Monsoons

Last week, we hosted an arts and crafts camp, which ended Thursday.  We picked farm flowers with the campers, collected honey, and picked tomatoes. The poor bees might be getting stressed from all of this honey collection! 

If bees get stressed, they can die.
The campers also drew sketches of our chickens.  That is no easy task, since they are always twitching their necks and walking around.

(Not Made by a Camper -- From Wikimedia Commons)

This week, it's been extremely rainy.  Thus, it has been quiet due to the lack of outside activities we can do.

Only a Slight Exaggeration

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Another Robert R. Brown Week!

Unfortunately, this post, too, will not have pictures of the events I write about for a while, as I am not in the area to take them at the moment.  That will change come next week.

Last week was another Robert R. Brown week!  Robert R. Brown week is a camp wherein adults with mental and physical disabilities to come and have fun. The campers shelled purple hull peas, toured the garden, helped sow clover, and helped dry herbs.

Doug Knight and Maggie Israel, the sustainability intern, made lots of salsa, dill pickles, and bread & butter pickles!  You can buy them all at Camp Mitchell!  The salsa is $3 per half pint and $5 per pint.