Tuesday, August 23, 2016

More Chicks!

Last week was the last week of summer camp.  We're sad to see it go, but everything needs an end to start again!
The plum tree
The plum was harvested last week by two hard-working campers.  Those campers also made peach pie for everyone!

Unfortunately, the vixen has found a way into the chicks' old enclosure, so we've had more chicken losses.  Luckily, 5 out of the 8 chicks we recently hatched have made it, and we've created a new enclosure using Carabiner hooks, which have seemed to work in the past.  Hopefully this one will be fox-proof.

Meanwhile, the purple hull peas are still producing like crazy!  Also, the chicken tractor is progressing slowly but surely.  Soon, we should have a mobile chicken command center.

Next week, we plan on starting a monthly volunteer program where youth help us with maintenance.. They will be helping us keep up the garden in Tristan's absence.  We encourage all readers to join in!

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